Lida Diamond has been established as a family company in 1977 as Wholesale Diamond Supplier and is a leader in its own field with its trained and dynamic team, superior service approach and rich product portfolio.

Lida Diamond always stays connected to its accurate operating principles during the execution of the commercial activities and known with its reliability, therefore targeted to provide complete service to its customers through renewing itself.

The principles to which Lida Diamond respects;
* Provide the diamonds from known sources
* Full and complete declaration of the imitations, synthetics and processed diamond
* Industrial ethics at the highest level
* Compliance to local and international business conducts
* Fair treatment to individuals and protect the respect of them
* Correct operation principles on the environment.


The general features of Lida Cut, which is a modern design of glass diamond and the gift of Lida diamond to jewelry sector during this most brilliant era of design;

Shape : Hexagon
Cut style : Mixed (Crown part is diamond style, cone part is gradual)
Crown part facet number : 13
Cone part facet number : 30
Belt part : Polished
Total facet number : 43

Procurable Lidacut
Glass Diamond Sizes : between 0,20 ct - 3,00 ct
Clarity VVS - VS - SI
Color D - E - F - G - H - I - J

Lida Cut is an international cut registered by Lida diamond. All design and production rights belong to Lida diamond.